WiZ Connected Starlite Connect Smart Home Lighting

The WiZ Connected App

Starlite Connect delivers the most intuitive lighting solution to your home, in partnership with WiZ Connected. The latest lighting technology, in conjunction with the most popular smart devices, can be controlled via the user-friendly WiZ Connected App.

With the highest user rating of all “lighttainment” apps, WiZ Connected combines outstanding control with an interface that is easy to understand and customise. Tune the brightness and colour temperature, select dynamic scenes or create your own. The potential for creation is limitless.

At your fingertips is the power to design the lighting style that suits you and your home. Explore the WiZ Connected App to discover the possibilities of what you can create.

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Take Full Control of your Lights

From the WiZ Connected app, choose the scenes that suit you, or create your own with over 16 million colours to choose from. Choose the right colours for the right room, set time schedules and group your lights. Mix and match and save your favourite scenes, ready to use next time you need them.

When on holiday, control your lighting from anywhere in the world, or simply switch to vacation mode, where your lights will come on at various times pre-set by you, giving the illusion that you are at home and giving you peace of mind.

Starlite Connect luminaires can be controlled by multiple users, sorted as Owners, Guests and Temporary Guests. Owners have complete control over the network, settings and scene creation; Guests can control the lighting in each room, but cannot alter any settings; Temporary Guests have the same rights as Guests, but will lose access after a certain period set by the Owner.

The WiZ Connected App is home to “Rhythms”, providing a pre-prepared tunable white lighting mode which matches the colour and intensity of natural daylight, giving you the right lighting for the time of day. Or if you are a night owl, tune the rhythm to your personal cycle and give yourself lighting that suits you.

Take full control of your smart lighting

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