Smart Home Lighting

Smart lighting is more than just controlling your lighting from your phone. It is more than just a fun, colourful present to impress the neighbours. It is even more than just saying “night night” before bed. Smart lighting does so much more, making lives easier, safer and more comfortable, while providing the canvas for colour creativity in your home.

In partnership with WiZ Connected, Starlite Connect revolutionises how your home is lit. 16 million colours and 64,000 whites give irrepressible customisability when it comes to designing your home how you want. Create the scene you want, save it, then use again later when you’re in the mood. Alternatively, select a dynamic, gently changing colour scene, from Sunset and Romance to Party and Mojito among many others!

Tune your lights to the natural path of the sun, changing intensity and colour throughout the day to give you the lighting your body needs. Schedule scenes to come on when you get home, start cooking or settle in for a movie. Set your lights to mimic you while you’re on holiday, giving you peace of mind while you’re away. With Starlite Connect, lighting does more.

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Go Retro!

With the Starlite Connect Retro Connector, get all of your lighting smarter! New or existing non-smart fittings can be connected to your WiZ Connected App through the Retro Connector, allowing you to control your entire home from your phone or smart device.

Visit the Retro Connector product for more information.

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Control Starlite Connect through the WiZ App, set your scenes, customise your colours and tune your tones to how you want it.

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