Smart Home Lighting

Connect with your lighting via smartphone, smart device or remote, using Starlites' WiZ-connected luminaires. WiZ uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to create the most secure, most adaptable and most easy-to-install smart lighting solution.

Through the combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Starlite luminaires connect directly to your phone or smart device. With no hub needed and a 30-second installation time, it couldn’t be easier to setup your future lighting system.

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Starlite Connects to Alexa, Google and Siri


Pair & Share. Instantly


How to Install

Create your Own

There is no such thing as too much choice. Through the WiZ app or remote, set scenes individually or as groups, in single or multiple rooms, choosing the light that suits you in that moment.

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Take Full Control of your Lights

Control the lights from your phone, remote, sensors, time-schedules, verbal commands, or even by a simple wall switch! The choice really is up to you, allowing you to control your lighting how you want.

Wiz Connected Smart Lighting
Starlite Connects to Google, Alexa and Siri