Take your lighting to the next level

If This Then That connects your lighting with the world around you.

With IFTTT, connect your Starlite Connect lighting system to a multitude of other apps. Change your lights to red when the smoke alarm goes off, blue when the pizza arrives, or a custom colour when the doorbell goes. The choice is up to you.

Connect your home

IFTTT works with Starlite Connect and a huge selection of other apps that you use in your home: Facebook, Emails, Twitter, Uber, Maps, Dominos, Instagram, Evernote, Weather, Calendar and many more!

Use light for more

Have your lights switch on as you get home, get your Starlite Connect system to inform you when the pizza is here, or just have your lighting match the weather outside. With IFTTT, your lights do more.

Hassle-free innovation

Apps can be synced with Starlite Connect through the IFTTT app. From there, create the relationships between your apps and your lighting that you want. For more information on how to set up Starlite Connect with IFTTT, visit our FAQs.

We are here to help!

Want to know more about your Starlite Connect system? Visit our support page for FAQs to help you get creative in your home.

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