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Working from home?

The lighting in our homes is geared around living, cooking, relaxing and playing – not to work!

You can prepare your workstation as best you can, but studies show that the right lighting gives a 25% increase in productivity. Starlite Connect 'Focus' mode gives you the best lighting for you to concentrate at home.

Children being home-schooled?

Smart home lighting for meals and working

From breakfast to homework. Children need the right environment to help them concentrate on their school work, but lighting in the home fulfils many roles. With multipurpose rooms throughout the house, Starlite Connect lets you choose the right light for the right activity.

I’ve been home-schooling my children for a year and a half. The single biggest improvement to aiding my children’s concentration was when we installed Starlite S4 and used the focus mode
- Katherine Linnie, Homeowner.

Starlite Connect 'Focus' mode is geared around helping you concentrate on your work, making words jump off the page and colours become more vibrant... turning your kitchen, bedroom, or living room into your personal office.


Get your Light Connected

The most advanced smart home lighting solution is here!

Starlite Connect is our most intuitive, easy-to-install and flexible home lighting system, capable of transforming your home to match your style, personality and mood.

Backed up by the latest connected lighting technology from WiZ Connected and manufacturing quality, Starlite Connect offers the most advanced solution for domestic smart lighting applications, providing flexibility, customisation and colour!

Easy as 1, 2, 3...


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Light it your way

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LED Strip

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Explore how you can control Starlite Connect using your voice.

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Control Starlite Connect through the WiZ App, set your scenes, customise your colours and tune your tones to how you want it.

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